What is breathwork?

Our Lindywell experts will use breathwork to guide you in how to use the power of your breath. Breathwork is simply a conscious practice of using your breath to help shift your emotions and create the desired outcome.
While there are many types of breathwork, the two practiced here at Lindywell are:
Integrative: You'll find this in your Lindywell app as your quick, guided daily sessions. This diaphragmatic breathwork style can be integrated into everyday life and yield immediate benefits. You can use these breathwork tools throughout the day to help you remove or release toxic energy, getting you to your desired feeling of calm or energized. 

Meditative: For those looking to go even deeper in their experience with breathwork, we also offer longer, more guided sessions that utilize a meditative breathwork style. Our Conscious Connected Circular breathwork classes create a state where you can do deep internal work and healing. Many people feel stuck in certain patterns of emotion or behavior for years — even decades. In this meditative breathwork practice, we take more time supporting you to create meaningful internal shifts.

If you're curious about the history of breathwork, it is an ancient practice with many lineages rooted in Eastern cultures; however, we draw from several ancient lineages and modern styles, and you'll see both immediate and long-term benefits from your breathwork practice in each type we present.

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