How do I prepare for my live breathwork session and after care?

To make the most of our live sessions, we recommend you wear something comfortable and even consider having a pillow and blanket available.

Consider enjoying your session in a place where you can lie down and relax. Ideally, find a quiet space where you won’t be interrupted; let anyone in the house know what you are doing too.

Important tip: Do not prop your head with pillows: you want your throat to be relaxed and open.

It's also recommended to stop eating two hours prior to class to avoid potential nausea.

After your breathwork experience it's encouraged to resist over processing the experience. Be very gentle with yourself and consider participating in your other favorite self-care activities.

Please keep in mind that breathwork cannot "fix" everything. Consider working with a therapist to support ongoing healing. Additional resources to consider, if needed:

National Crisis Hotline - Emergency support

Open Counseling - Inclusive therapists

Free Mental Health - Community mental health centers, free and reduced cost therapy, addiction related support, and crisis and emergency support

Military One Source - High quality veteran and active duty therapy for free

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