What can I expect to feel during and after my breathwork session?


You may experience tingling, vibrating, dry mouth, a change in body temperature, sweating, shivering, a surge of emotion. All of these physical experiences are the result of your body having a physical reaction to the changing levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide in your body. They are a common part of the experience for some people, mostly when someone forces their exhale too hard or breathes too quickly.


Emotions can and will come to the surface, and it’s nothing to be afraid of. Common emotions released in our longer live sessions are big tears; soft gentle tears; giggling; anger. It looks different for everyone each time they practice.

**It is possible to feel deep emotions after a session. To some, emotions can be very distressing. Breathwork cannot "fix" everything. Consider working with a therapist to support ongoing healing.


Your brain will want to keep doing its job during a breathwork session, which means most people instinctively want to try to “control the show”. It’s similar to why people struggle with meditation because they can’t turn off the endless brain banter, aka, the monkey mind. Just trust your body and keep breathing — the benefits of mental joy, freedom, and peace that come with this practice are life-transforming.

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