How do I cancel my membership?

We're sorry to hear you'd like to cancel your membership. If we can help you use your membership for your unique needs, please reach out to us at, we’re here to help! 

 If you’re sure you wish to cancel:

  1. Simply login ( to your account via a web browser 
  2. From the "Membership" tab click "View" and then "Cancel", to cancel automatic renewals

When you cancel, you'll continue to have access to everything until your next renewal date.

Some days Lindywell is great for a quick, effective workout. And other days, it's just having the encouragement of grace over guilt and the support of like-minded women there for you when you can't fit in a workout. We'd still love to keep supporting you and help you continue on this new path you’re on towards getting fit and feeling good for a lifetime.

We always want what's best for you, so we want to share a friendly reminder that when you cancel you not only lose the benefits of Lindywell, but the great price you currently have locked in for your membership. You're always welcome back to Lindywell, so just a heads up - when you rejoin, the rate may be different since we're always working to make the Lindywell experience even better.

Please note:

  • If you joined through Apple and an in-app purchase, please cancel by opening the App store and going to:
    •  Settings > Your Name > Subscriptions > Lindywell > Cancel Subscription
  • If you are unable to locate your membership details on our website using the steps above and joined prior to 2018, there is a good chance that you originally joined via PayPal Subscriptions. To cancel your membership through PayPal, please login to your PayPal account, select “recurring monthly payments”, and then select “cancel” for your Lindywell membership.
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